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        A sleeping bag for the whole year!

        By playing with the removable linings, you can obtain 2 different warmth indices: TOG 0,5 and TOG 2,5.

        It can therefore be used as a sleeping bag in both summer and winter. For the mid-season, you can play with your little koko's nightwear. More info about the TOG sleeping bag

        gigoteuse 4 saisons

        👶 The newborn model saves the purchase of 2 sleeping bags


        📈 The 6-36 months model saves the purchase of 4 sleeping bags! 

        The 6-36 months model evolves with baby thanks to its snap system. This allows you to adjust the length, neckline and armholes of the sleeping bag. No need to invest in sizes 6-18 and 18-36 months. And its removable liners avoid buying 2 sleeping bags of different thicknesses. 


        Your wallet and the planet will thank you 😉