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        rituel coucher bébé

        Baby sleeping ritual

        The bedtime routine is one of the keys to success in getting your baby to sleep independently. It can clearly help you to facilitate your little koko's bedtime. In this article, we go into the details of setting up a well-oiled baby bedtime routine.

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        liniment maison

        Recipe for homemade liniment

        The liniment oleo-limestone is a healthy, chemical-free product that has proved its worth. It is very easy to make it yourself at home. In addition, it is economical, sustainable, rewarding and more respectful of your little koko's sensitive skin.

        Here is the liniment recipe that your little koko's bottom will LOVE!

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        endormissement autonome

        How to encourage baby to fall asleep independently?

        Is there a technique for getting baby to sleep? What if falling asleep on his own was the key to a peaceful night's sleep for baby and his parents? It is clear that if baby manages to fall asleep on his own at night, he should demand less of his parents' presence at night. In this article, we'll look at how to get baby to sleep, how to react if he wakes up during the night and when to put in place this famous autonomous sleep without crying.

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        Premier Noël de bébé

        Let's make baby's first Christmas an eco-friendly one!

        When you are a young parent, your baby's first Christmas is just as important as his first birthday.
        It is a moment that we want to be magical and unforgettable.

        During this exciting time, we have the annoying habit of doing too much!
        What if this year you concentrated on organising your baby's first Christmas by focusing on the essentials?

        This is the time to make good resolutions and above all to be an exemplary figure for your little koko or the baby you want to please.

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        sommeil bébé

        Baby's sleep

        Baby's sleep: a vast and complex subject... and yet so important for the well-being of baby and his parents... In this article, co-written with Alexia POIRIER, a nursery nurse and founder of the parenting support blog Parlons Bambins, we seek to understand baby's sleep: sleep time, the importance of sleep, rhythm... We discuss the principles to be borne in mind in order to ensure that baby's night is peaceful.

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