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        Because 50% of the impact of the textile industry is due to the consumer, we help you to consume in a sustainable way!


        1. You are not pressured to consume

        Sustainable consumption means buying only what you need.

        As young parents, we don't always know what we'll need and we're quickly lost when faced with this triple CO offer of baby products: COlossal, COmplex and COmmercial! At the lab, we have made the selection for you and we offer you the products you really need. No superfluous products, only practical ones!

        2. Our prices are fair and fixed all year round

        Sustainable consumption means accepting to pay the right price.

        The choices we have made cost us more than if we had opted for production in Asia. Our margin is lower. We have set fair prices for the consumer and which allow us to remunerate the different actors (weavers, producers and Kokùn Lab) at their fair value.

        We do not inflate our prices in order to make promotions at all costs. In conclusion, you will never have more than 10% discount at the Lab.

        3. We go for direct distribution via e-commerce

        Simply to control our margin and avoid paying margin to intermediaries

        In addition, a study by Estia has shown that the online sales model divides greenhouse gas emissions by four. This reinforces our decisions 😉

        4. Our advice for the care of your laundry...

        Obviously the use of our products has an environmental impact. At the Lab, we favour natural materials as much as possible to avoid micro-particles coming off and ending up in the oceans.

        We are counting on you to use the most natural detergents possible (homemade or without perfume and without substances that are not very biodegradable such as surfactants). In addition, for the sensitive skin of babies, it is not advisable to use perfumes and softeners (good point for the planet too).

        To save water and energy, we recommend washing at 30° and not using the tumble dryer. Even if some products can withstand more intensive care.

        5. We commit you to recycle our products

        Our products are designed to last as long as possible... When you no longer need them, we suggest that you give them to as many people as possible.

        If your product has unfortunately given up the ghost, then recycle it!