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        0-6 months

        4 saisons

        A sleeping bag for the whole year

        Simply detach the removable liners to switch from winter to summer mode. This sleeping bag has 2 heat ratings:

        - During winter with the liners, it is a TOG 2.5

        - During summer without the liners, the TOG is 0.5

        See below a table advising how to dress your little koko according to the temperature of the room. More info on sleeping bag TOG

        Baby sleeping bag from 6 to 36 months

        Its clever snap system allows you to adjust the size:

        - at the shoulders: 2 rows of press-studs so that the neckline falls perfectly whatever the age of your little koko

        - at the armholes so that your little ones stay in place and don't slip inside the sleeping bag

        - at the bottom of the sleeping bag to adjust the length

        At the shoulders, you should always close 2 snaps rather than the usual one, why? Because as your little koko grows, it tends to pull on the straps. So there is no risk that the straps will open...



        Choice of sustainable and qualitative materials

        The sleeping bag has the Oeko-Tex® label. In other words, this label certifies that it does not contain any substances that are harmful to your little koko's health. In addition to being Oeko-Tex®, it is important for us to use sustainable materials. For the fabric of the sleeping bag, we chose washed cotton percale, which is obviously organically grown.

        Why organic cotton? Compared to standard cotton, organic cotton requires less water and no pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers.

        Why percale? Percale is woven with 120 threads per cm² compared to 57 threads per cm² for standard cotton. This difference in weave will be felt in the quality, strength and softness of the fabric. We have chosen the best for the little ones!

        Finally the filling of the sleeping bag is made of recycled polyester. And it is made in France.

        To find out more about materials and labels

        The sleeping bag recommended until the child is 2 years old

        In order to reduce the risk of suffocation or cot death, childcare professionals recommend the use of a sleeping bag until a child is 2 years old. Some people like to use the sleeping bag for longer, up to 3 years or more, as it ensures that your little koko is well covered at night. Some children will feel cramped in their sleeping bag and will ask to switch to a duvet. If your little one is potty trained at night and gets up to pee, the sleeping bag may also annoy him.



        Unisex and trendy style

        At the Lab, we advocate non-gender education and unisex fashion! We therefore only offer designs that will appeal to everyone: girls and boys. These sleeping bags can be easily lent, given away or resold. We want them to be used by a maximum of little kokos!

        Registered model

        This clever system of visible and removable liners is protected, as the design has been registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


        TOG diagram

        Instructions for use :


        WARNINGS! Do not use if the child's head can pass through the neckline once it is attached. Ensure that the neckline and armholes are properly fastened. Do not use if the child can climb in and out of the bed. Do not use in combination with a bed duvet or blanket. Take into account the temperature of the room and the sleepwear worn by the child. Too much heat can put your child's life at risk! Keep away from fire. Do not use the sleeping bag at the first sign of damage.

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