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        What is a swaddle? What is it used for? The answer is simple: everything! The swaddle is the ultimate multifunctional baby care article, a real essential for baby.

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        We offer 2 sizes of swaddles that are complementary and useful: a 60x60cm swaddle and a 110x110cm maxi swaddle.
        Check out our article to help you choose the size(s) of baby swaddle you need. 

        Made In France 🐓

        Kokùn Lab swaddle are entirely made in France. The double cotton gauze is woven and printed in the Rhône region. The swaddle packaging (kraft band) is printed in Isère. And the swaddle is sewn in ESAT in Savoie. The production chain is therefore short and local! We are very proud of this! Only the thread comes from Turkey (until proven otherwise, cotton does not really grow in France).

        More information on materials and labels.

        Multifonctional et durable 📈

        A swaddleis a must-have! And this from the moment of birth! We advise you to already have some in your suitcase for the maternity ward. The swaddle is useful for parents and their little ones. They can be used for a variety of purposes: to protect against regurgitation, to keep the sweet moment of breastfeeding away from prying eyes, to protect your baby from the sun in your pram, to swaddle him to reassure him, to wrap him for the first baths, etc. This list is far from exhaustive! Moreover, with time, the swaddle will perhaps become your little koko's favourite cuddly toy.

        For older children, these swaddles can be transformed into pretty napkins for the small size, or into beach towels for the large size. In short, nothing gets lost, everything gets transformed!

        Organic cotton 🌱

        We have selected Oeko-Tex® and GOTS certified double cotton gauze. It is extremely soft and supple. Incredible! It is extremely comfortable and hypoallergenic and is perfectly suited to the sensitive skin of our little ones. It has excellent moisture absorption and lets the body breathe. And last but not least, it is easy to care for! No need to iron!