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        1 lange 10 possibilités

        1 maxi baby swaddle Octopus  = at least 9 possibilities!

        - Bath wrap and swaddle to soothe baby

        - Bib, shoulder protector when baby burps, bouncer or cosy protection against spit-up

        - Back-up sheet

        - Breastfeeding cover for peace of mind

        - Washable nappy

        - Summer blanket

        - Nomadic changing mat

        - Beach towel, bath towel or sarong

        - Superhero cape or improvised hut

        See the comparison of the different uses between the maxi swaddle 110x110cm and the swaddle 60x60cm.

        Why choose double cotton gauze?

        Technically, it is 2 layers of cotton gauze (hence the name double gauze) that are connected by invisible and regular stitches.

        It is a natural material known for its extreme softness and comfort. Being soft, light and non-allergic, it has everything to please our little ones' delicate skin. It is also very absorbent and breathable. Last but not least, it is easy to care for. After the first wash, the maxi nappy will be naturally embossed. It does not need to be ironed. On the contrary, you can enjoy this very pleasant texture. In short, it is the ideal fabric for a nappy and has only qualities!

        More info on materials and labels.

        Matière gaze de coton bio

        lange eco-responsable

        Why is the maxi swaddle environmentally friendly?

        Simply because we have chosen sustainable raw materials and because its production is short and local.

        We have selected double cotton gauze from organic farming, certified Oeko-Tex® and GOTS. This material is therefore more respectful of our planet and our little kokos.

        With regard to the manufacture of the maxi baby swaddle, everything happens in France in the Alpes region. The weaving, printing and finishing of the fabric take place in the Rhône region. The printing is done digitally with Oeko-Tex® certified pigment inks to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. This means that no nickel is used and water consumption is almost non-existent. The small amount of waste is reprocessed by a specialised organisation. Finally, as with our other products, we keep the packaging to a minimum and use environmentally friendly packaging. The swaddles are printed in the Isère region.

        Is this maxi swaddle made in a French ESAT social services etablishment?

        Yes, our swaddles are entirely made in a French ESAT work assistance establishment. It is a social services establishment offering various professional activities and educational support to disabled people in a protected environment, therefore promoting their access to employment. We have chosen to work with an ESAT in order to support this initiative and indirectly help disabled people.

        confection en ESAT

        langes 2 tailles

        Which size to choose?

        We offer 2 sizes of swaddles :

        - Swaddle 60x60 cm

        - Swaddle 110x110 cm

        These 2 sizes are both complementary and very practical. Take a look at the comparison of the uses of our swaddle according to their size.

        This Octopus baby swaddle is also available in 60x60cm.

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