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        0-6 months

        4 saisons

        A sleeping bag for the whole year

        It's a breeze to remove or attach the removable liners! This sleeping bag has 2 heat ratings, called TOG:

        • A TOG 0,5 without the famous removable liners
        • A TOG 2,5 with the removable liners

        Take a look at the table below which indicates how to dress your little koko according to the temperature of his room. More details on the sleeping bag TOG 

        Less startle during sleep

        Thanks to the snaps system on the armholes, you can keep your baby's arms inside the sleeping bag. This is to avoid the Moro reflex... when baby is sleeping peacefully and suddenly raises his arms to the sky. Do you know what I mean? All newborns, up to about 5 months of age, have archaic reflexes, including the Moro reflex. This is an involuntary and automatic movement triggered by unpleasant stimulation. The arms, fingers and legs suddenly open and then return to their original positions, i.e. clamped to the body. Your little koko may wake up and needs to be reassured.



        Choice of sustainable and qualitative materials

        Above all, this baby sleeping bag is certified by the Oeko-Tex® label. What does this mean? It is a guarantee that the article does not contain any substances that are harmful to the health of infants. In order to offer a sleeping bag that lasts over time and is ecologically responsible, we have turned to sustainable and qualitative materials. For the fabric, we chose washed organic cotton percale. Being organic, this cotton required less water for its cultivation and above all no pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers. Percale is a more densely woven cotton, i.e. it has 200 threads per cm², whereas standard cotton is woven with 57 threads per cm². This weave gives the fabric more strength and even more softness for peaceful nights... Finally, the removable lining of the sleeping bag is made of recycled polyester of French origin.

        To find out more about materials and labels.

        The sleeping bag recommended up to the age of 2

        Early childhood professionals recommend the use of a sleeping bag until the age of 2 years to reduce the risk of suffocation or cot death. You are free to leave your little one in a sleeping bag for longer. Until they are 3 years old, or even older, little ones move around a lot and uncover themselves at night, so the sleeping bag can still be a good ally for a comfortable night. 



        Unisex and trendy style

        At the Lab, we offer stylish designs that will please both parents and children. And above all, only unisex! We don't want to make a gender distinction from the cradle onwards. Our unisex sleeping bags will be passed on more easily to other little kokos, irresppective of their gender. 

        Registered design

        Where is it registered? At the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). In other words, this ingenious system of removable liners is protected. 


        TOG diagram

        Instructions for use :


        WARNINGS! Do not use if the child's head can pass through the neckline once it is attached. Ensure that the neckline and armholes are properly fastened. Do not use if the child can climb in and out of the bed. Do not use in combination with a bed duvet or blanket. Take into account the temperature of the room and the sleepwear worn by the child. Too much heat can put your child's life at risk! Keep away from fire. Do not use the sleeping bag at the first sign of damage.

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