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        What is the purpose of a payment module?
        When you buy on the Internet, generally the last step of the payment is done via a secure module. This is when you give your bank details. The famous payment module will then secure the money transfer.
        At Kokùn Lab we have partnered with Payplug for this crucial step. It is a French solution approved by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudenciel et de Résolution).

        What is 3D Secure?
        3D Secure is a reinforced authentication protocol aimed at preventing fraud when paying online. Because if your card is stolen, the person can make as many purchases as they want on the Internet (the expiry date and the cryptogram are not strong enough to control fraud). With 3D Secure, you can be sure (almost 100%) that the person making the purchase is the cardholder.

        How does it work when you buy securely on the Internet and at Kokùn Lab?
        It is your bank that decides (or not) to activate this additional step during the payment called 3D Secure. The e-merchant can only make a recommendation. At Kokùn Lab, we recommend to banks to activate the 3D secure for all purchases regardless of the amount. 

        Logically, when you make a payment on the site Kokùn Lab, you will be redirected to your bank for a reinforced authentication. Each bank has its own verification method: sending a secret code by SMS, using a card with unique codes, unique code generated by a "calculator" ...