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        Baby Christmas gift 🎅

        Christmas is just around the corner...

        Are you looking for a Christmas present for baby or young parents? Do you want to buy a lasting gift that will look great under the 🎄? Then you've come to the right place! Either opt for the gift card or... here are our best baby Christmas gift ideas, sorted by increasing price. 👇

        Kokùn Lab birth gift card
        From €30,00
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        Reversible baby blanket 75x110cm Reversible baby blanket 75x110cmSold Out
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        Tell us who you are, we'll tell you which baby Christmas present is best for you!

        1. The wise

        You don't like to take risks. You really want the gift to be useful to the person you are giving it to and not to end up in a drawer...

        2. The extravagant

        You like to attract attention. You want your gift to be noticed. So you're looking for an original gift idea that will surprise and please!


        3. The generous

        One gift is good, but two gifts is even better. You want to give that little koko and his parents a real treat. In that case, opt for a gift box.


        4. The latecomer

        You consult this section on December 24th at noon and you need a present quickly... Only one solution to give a nice present to a baby who has been very good this year...


        So which profile fits you best? Which camp do you fall into when it comes to Christmas gift buying?

        One thing is for sure, whatever your profile, you are looking for a qualitative and sustainable Christmas gift that is useful and practical!

        If you're wondering about the right size for a baby... You should know that in general, we dress a baby in the size above his age. A 3 month old baby can therefore be dressed in 6 months. Our baby sleeping bag is therefore suitable for a newborn up to 6 months. If your baby is already born, you should choose the 6 to 36 month sleeping bag. You are sure that the size will fit.  

        But you're not sure about the colour or size? In that case, opt for the gift card. The lucky person to whom you offer it will have one year to choose a durable and nice article on the Kokùn Lab shop.