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        We offer 2 sizes of baby swaddles. Simply because these 2 sizes are useful, complementary and multifunctional. Here are our tips below for making an informed decision on which size(s) you need.

        60x60cm swaddles

        110x110cm swaddles

        Bath wrap (to calm baby until 1 month - 1 & 1/2 months) and swaddle (until 3 or 4 months)

        For a baby at birth, this size is sufficient

        If you wish to continue swaddling beyond one month, it is best to choose the large size 

        Bib and shoulder protector for baby's burping, protection of the bouncer or cosy against regurgitation

        Ideal size for the bib and shoulder protector even for a napkin for a larger child

        To be folded for bib and shoulder protection. For the bib, this larger size can be used to cover the legs as well (handy if your little koko eats like a pig). To protect the bouncer, a mattress, this size can be very practical.

        Sun protection in carrycot, cosy, rucksack...

        Ideal size as it is easy to carry in a bag

        Additional bed sheet

        For a bassinet, pram carrycot (really no need to buy a mini sheet)

        For a 60x120 or 70x140 bed (if all your Kokùn Lab sheets are dirty)

        Discreet breastfeeding cover

        The 2 sizes of baby swaddles fit


        Ideal size

        Washable nappy

        For a baby at birth. And afterwards for the cloth nappy insert.

        Ideal size for a baby from 3 months

        Hairband, scarf

        Ideal size for young and old!

        Summer blanket

        For a baby at birth

        After 3 or 4 months, it is better to pass on this dimension

        Baby changing mat

        The 2 sizes of baby swaddles fit

        Bath towel, beach towel or pareo

        Hair towel

        This size will last longer. It can make an ideal beach towel for a larger child.

        Superhero cape or hut

        This swaddle can easily be turned into a game for the little ones

        So you opt for the 60x60cm baby swaddle? Do you prefer the maxi swaddle?

        Discover our entire range of baby swaddles.