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        How does it work?

        1/ You choose the birth gift card with the amount you want to offer to your lucky friend 😉 . You put it in your basket like any other item on the site, and proceed to payment.
        2/ You receive an email with the unique code that your friend will have to enter when making a future purchase.
        3/ Either you print the voucher to offer it to the lucky person of your choice or you transfer it to them by email.

        You are the lucky holder of a Kokùn Lab birth gift card?

        1/ Appreciate how much the person who gave it to you loves you
        2/ Choose what you like on our site, put the products in your basket and place your order. You just have to enter the unique code of the card during the payment.
        3/ Enjoy your Kokùn Lab product as long as possible and welcome to the Kokùn Fan Klub!

        To be noted

        • You can use the balance of your gift card in several instalments (if you don't exceed the validity date of one year of course).
        • You can use your gift card to pay for the total value of an order, which may include taxes and shipping costs.
        • If you are lucky enough to have received more than one gift card, you can use them for the same order.

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