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        Newborn sleeping bag 0-6 months

        baby sleeping bag


        Do you want a baby sleeping bag whatever the season? Easily reusable for a second little koko?

        Do you want a sleeping bag designed by parents for the comfort of their little ones? That opens completely flat for night-time diaper changing to avoid taking baby out and waking baby up?

        Do you want a sleeping bag with an extra function?

        The arrival of a baby changes our lives and also our budget! We advise you to invest in essential baby items. Don't hesitate to consult our article birth list. The sleeping bag is an essential purchase for the arrival of your little koko so that béby sleeps in complete safety. At the Lab, we offer a clever baby sleeping bag (0-6 months) that can be used all year round. 

        4 season 🌦️

        Simply remove the removable linings of this baby sleeping bag to switch it from winter to summer mode. This sleeping bag has 2 heat ratings called TOG:

        • TOG 0,5 without the removable liners
        • TOG 2,5 with removable liners

        More info on the sleeping bags TOG.

        Sustainable 🌍

        This Oeko-Tex® certified sleeping bag is woven, dyed and made in Portugal.
        It is made of washed cotton percale from organic farming and its filling is made of GRS-certified recycled polyester.
        As for the zip, we opted for the YKK brand, "THE" reference in zippers. This one won't let you down any time soon! This baby sleeping bag can be used by many little kokos. Its unisex style will also allow you to make it cross generations more easily...

        For more info, check out our page on our commitments and on our materials and labels.

        Multifunctional 📈

        Optional: the snap system on the armholes allows baby's arms to be kept inside the sleeping bag. This reassures baby by avoiding the Moro reflex during sleep. 

        You'll ask us what this Moro reflex is...? It is completely normal. It is an involuntary and automatic movement triggered by unpleasant stimulation.  It is common in newborn up to about 5 months. The arms, fingers and legs suddenly open and then return to their original positions, i.e. clamped alongside the body.