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        témoignage papa

        Becoming a father cannot be taught

        Let's face it, becoming a dad is scary and exhausting.

        I thought I was ready for it, after reading some very serious books on the subject of fatherhood. Believe me, you may have read Dolto, Montessori and many others, but nothing prepares you for this...

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        lactation induite

        We both breastfed our baby

        When we start talking about children with Katrin, we are both already so deeply mothers. We are both ready to carry babies, we bicker about who will carry the first child. One day, as a declaration of love, I offer to carry our child in her womb. This is not easy for me, I am not ready to be the "second mother". I didn't know at first that it was possible to breastfeed without having been pregnant...

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        Je suis une maman césarienne

        I am a "Caesarean mum"

        On the morning of May 11 I go to the clinic for a check-up, my new routine for the past two weeks. All the signs are therefore red for a normal delivery and I am starting to prepare myself for the idea of a caesarean section as soon as the gynaecologist arrives which will be within the hour.
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