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        Are you looking for the perfect sleeping bag? The one that will be warm enough for the long winters or the one that will prevent your little kokos from sweating on summer nights? Are you wondering which TOG to choose? Or should I say: what is a sleeping bag? Follow our TOG guide as well as our practical advice to know how to dress baby in Kokùn Lab sleeping bags.

        What is the TOG sleeping bag?

        TOG (Thermal Overall Grade): it is the measure of the thermal resistance, i.e. the value that determines the warmth of a sleeping bag. It is usually between 0 and 4. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag.

        Babies do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature. To avoid hypothermia or hyperthermia, it is important not to choose a sleeping bag at random and to trust professionals like us!

        To choose the right sleeping bag, you should also take into account the temperature of the room and the nightwear so that baby sleeps correctly and safely.
        To choose the right TOG, follow our guide below.
        The room temperature should ideally be between 18 and 20 degrees.
        But in the summer heat we want our little koko to be comfortable in his cosy little bed too.

        Which sleeping bag for which temperature?

        At Kokùn lab we make your life easier by offering you 4-season sleeping bags that combine two TOGs and can therefore be used all year round.

        The Winter TOG: simply attach the two removable liners to the sleeping bagThe result is a TOG 2.5 sleeping bag, which is suitable for a room temperature of 16°C to 21°C.The next step is to fit baby's sleepwear (see our guide below)

        The summer TOG: simply detach the two removable liners and leave only the percale.
        We have a TOG 0.5 sleeping bag, which is suitable for a room temperature between 21°C and 24°C.
        Then adapt the nightwear as shown in our guideline.

        How do I dress my baby in a sleeping bag?

        The comfort of your little koko does not only depend on the thermal resistance of the sleeping bag, but is also influenced by other parameters such as the ambient temperature of the sleeping environment and the choice of sleepwear. We have put together a guide on how to dress baby in a sleeping bag. It is advisable not to use the sleeping bag in combination with a cot duvet or blanket. Too much heat can be life-threatening for your child. As a reminder, childcare professionals recommend the sleeping bag for children up to 2 years of age to prevent cot death and advise against the use of blankets. To be in no doubt about the thermal comfort of your little koko, feel the temperature of your baby's neck, which should be pleasantly warm and dry. Be careful, cool arms and legs during sleep are normal. Above all, have confidence in yourself! You are great parents and use your common sense!

        TOG diagram
        For more information, check out our article on how to dress baby at night.

        How is the TOG calculated?

        The TOG is not a random number. It is a highly regulated value that can only be certified by laboratories. Please note that the thickness of the sleeping bag is not sufficient to determine the TOG. It is impossible to predict the warmth of the sleeping bag by estimating the thickness or quality of the fabric.

        This is because sleeping bags are tested for heat resistance to produce a TOG number. Without this certificate there is no proof that the stated resistance is correct. And, it is mandatory by the European standard for sleeping bags to mention it on the product, on the care label for example as we do on our products.

        At Kokùn lab we take the European regulations in force concerning sleeping bags very seriously. We have worked for many months to obtain the TOG that we indicate on our products.

        Discover our 4-season newborn sleeping bag and our 4 seasons sleeping bag 6-36 months. These sleeping bags are also available in a set with a matching sheet. If you would like some advice on how to choose the right sleeping bag size, please read this article