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        More than just designing baby essentials, at the Lab we create practical, innovative, ecological and fun baby essentials!


        Minimalist, upgradeable and multifunctional dressing room

        "Enjoy it, it grows so fast". Young parents, get ready to hear this sentence 3689 times before the 3 months of p'tit koko...  But it's true that these little kokos grow up fast, and that we have to equip ourselves for a short time... At the lab, we only design upgradeable or multifunctional baby essentials, i.e. that serve more and longer. Less is more!


        Unisex and timeless style

        Fed up with baby pink and pastel blue. At the lab, we campaign for gender equality from the cradle onwards, for education without clichés and for unisexe fashion.  In addition, our products will cross generations more easily.



        We don't want to end up like Pinocchio! And above all, we are fed up with greenwashing! We tell you everything (at least everything we know): traceability of materials, fair prices, ... The truth comes out of the mouths of children ... but not only!


        Fair and fixed prices all year round

        I promise! You won't get more than a 10% discount at the lab.

        Why not? Because the price is fair. It allows us to remunerate all the links in the chain at their fair value: weaver, producer, Kokùn Lab. We sell products directly to you via our site to avoid paying intermediaries and ensure you, the consumer, a good value for money.

        How do we do it? It's not easy: we don't overproduce, we avoid destocking... Read our commitments to better understand



        We have a lot to tell you about our production.



        Innovation at the heart of our approach...

        Innovate to offer practical and upgradeable products.

        Innovating to differentiate ourselves in this overabundant offer of baby products.

        This is why the design of our multi-season sleeping bags has been registered with the EUIPO (European Union Office for Intellectual Property)


        Joy of living

        To work at the lab, you have to keep your childlike soul. We like to laugh, we like to play, we like to work in a good mood. We hope to share this joy of life with you and bring colour to life with our naive designs.