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        It all started with our beautiful meeting...

        • 2 friends with complementary nature and skills: the creative and the analytical.
        • 2 passionate about fashion and design
        • 2 idealists, who wish to follow our convictions and work for the benefit of ethical consumers and a cleaner world.


        ... and above all from our experience as two young mothers.

        When we were pregnant, we were confronted with this triple CO offer: COlossal, COmplex and COmmercial.

        And in the end, there were very few products that met the three criteria that we felt were essential: ethical, aesthetic and practical.

        We obviously wanted to offer the best to our little kokos and we asked ourselves questions like any young parent:

        Do I really need this electric nail file for baby?

        Will these pyjamas with a built-in bodysuit really be practical?

        Will this cute outfit knitted by grandma be comfortable and warm enough to leave the maternity ward?

        The birth of Kokùn Lab, Designers of Sustainable Essentials to simplify our lives as parents

        Baby articles are ephemeral. With hindsight, we thought we needed a brand that would only focus on the essentials (no, a pair of mini trainers for a newborn is nice but not essential).

        Our idea is emerging...


        The vast majority of nursery brands produce in Asia. We have noticed that very few baby brands are 100% ecological, yet this should be a standard, especially when dealing with babies. For us it was natural to produce more locally and to select the best materials without compromise.

        After months and months of discussions, brainstorming, questioning, Teams conferences (covid obliges...): our idea took shape. Our products will be:


        Upgradeable or multifunctional (yes, the aim is to use them for more than 2 months...)


        Ethical (rigorous selection of raw materials, manufacturing in accordance with European requirements, product longevity, etc.)


        Unisex and timeless (if you're looking for baby pink and pastel blue, skip it!)

        And we start the adventure with the world of sleep, so dear to parents ... For future parents who read us, the arrival of your little one sounds among other things the death knell of the end of your late mornings ... No worries we have developed products hyper comforts for that little koko feels good and serene (and we hope to make his nights quickly 😉

        Discover :

        We are expanding our offer with trendy and Made In France swaddles.

        All these products are also available in sets.