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        Collab with Le Couffin

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        Le couffin: the 1st video on demand platform for young parents!

        Before the arrival of your little koko and when it is born, you will probably have many questions. How to look after your baby? How does he feel? Why is he crying? Is he hungry, cold, in pain...?

        Le Couffin has developed videos with renowned experts to help parents-to-be and young parents take care of their baby. These videos deal with all the subjects you are wondering about: sleep, food, care, health, post partum...

        To watch these videos (unlimited), you just have to subscribe to Le Couffin.

        At Kokùn Lab, we love the concept and the very educational videos of Le Couffin. That's why we propose you some boxes in collaboration with Le Couffin !

        Le Couffin