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        cadeau naissance

        Birth gift

        This is a very broad topic, but it's an important one. You obviously want to choose a birth gift that will please, that is useful and original at the same time. It's not easy to choose, especially if you don't have a child yet or if motherhood is a distant memory. Don't worry, we give you plenty of original birth gift ideas in this article! 🎁

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        gigoteuse 4 saisons

        4-season sleeping bag: what are the advantages?

        The sleeping bag is the essential childcare item for the birth of baby and until potentially... his 36 months... While conducting our market research, we realised that young parents generally owned a dozen sleeping bags... 😱 and that's not possible for followers of "consume less but better". The solution? Opt for a "real" 4-season baby sleeping bag!

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        nuit bébé allaité

        Sleep and night of the breastfed baby

        If you decide to breastfeed your baby, you will have to breastfeed on demand, both during the day... and at night. Many young parents fear that their breastfed baby's night will be more difficult. So is this a fact or a false rumour? Is there a link between sleep and breastfeeding?

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