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        In order to be as sustainable as possible, during the development of products, we consider different solutions, which we explore further, which we abandon, to which we return... We make decisions, we hesitate...

        For example, we wanted to develop our sleeping bags in bamboo fibre. Then we realised that bamboo cannot be certified organic: the problem comes from its processing to make the fibres supple, as it requires a lot of water and chemicals. So we turned to organic cotton.

        We often call on our community of parents to invent the most practical baby essentials

        In short, we aim for perfection... Not sure we'll ever achieve it... but what we are sure of is that we are striving to improve day by day. To do this, we have drawn up a list of objectives:

        • Make even more use of our fabric waste

        • Look for new, more innovative and, above all, more environmentally friendly materials. For example, we would like to work with natural fibres produced in Europe (for the moment they are difficult to find and very expensive)

        • Help you with the second life and end of life of our product (product take back, recycling...)

        • Find a solution for the dyeing of fabrics (they are already Oeko-Tex® without chemicals but we are looking for natural dyes)

        • Implement actions to reduce our digital carbon footprint

        • ...