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        1 lange 10 possibilités

        1 swaddle 60x60cm = at least 10 possibilities!

        - Bath wrap and 1st day swaddling to reassure baby.

        - Bib, shoulder protector when baby burps, protection of the carrycot or cosy against regurgitation

        - Sun protection in carrycot, cosy, rucksack...

        - Cradle or bassinet booster sheet

        - Cover for quiet breastfeeding

        - Cuddly toy

        - First day nappy and nappy insert

        - Hairband

        - Summer cover

        - Changing mat to take anywhere

        More information on the comparative table of uses of 60x60cm and 110x110cm swaddles.

        Double cotton gauze : the ideal material for a baby swaddle

        By definition, double cotton gauze is the combination of two layers of cotton gauze. Simple stitches, invisible to the naked eye, connect them at regular intervals.

        In practice, double cotton gauze is an ultra-comfortable, mega-soft and super light fabric. Its hydrophilic properties and ease of care make it the perfect ally for parents. No need to iron as this swaddle takes on its lovely waffle appearance after the first wash. Its extreme softness and hypoallergenic properties make it the ideal friend for our little ones. It is the ultimate for their delicate skin.

        Find out more about materials and labels.

        Matière gaze de coton bio

        lange eco-responsable

        Our swaddles are also environmentally friendly!

        First of all, we have carefully chosen a double gauze made of organically grown cotton, certified Oeko-Tex® and GOTS. In order to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, this gauze is digitally printed with Oeko-Tex® certified pigment inks. This printing process uses as little water as possible and no nickel. We also select sustainable packaging and reduce it to a minimum.

        The entire production chain takes place in France, particularly in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. The double gauze is woven, printed and finished in the Rhône region. It is then sent to Savoie where the swaddles are made and packed. As for the packaging, it arrives from Isère region.

        Swaddles made in "ESAT"

        An "ESAT" = social services establishment offering various professional activities and medico-social support to disabled people in a protected environment, therefore promoting their access to employment. These organisations therefore enable people with disabilities to access the professional world and to have a job. It is important for us to support such initiatives by collaborating with an ESAT to make these swaddles .

        confection en ESAT

        langes 2 tailles

        The baby swaddles are available in 2 convenient sizes

        - 60x60cm swaddle

        - 110x110cm swaddle

        The uses are different depending on the size of the swaddle you choose. See our comparison table.

        This koko striped swaddle is available in 110x110cm.

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