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        Size in centimetres, size in months of the child, sleeping bag size 1, 2 or 3 ... not easy to find your way around when it comes to sleeping bags! However, it is an essential purchase for the arrival of your little koko. We tell you everything to help you make an efficient choice... ! ... and durable!

        Until what age should a baby sleeping bag be used?

        The purpose of the sleeping bag is important: to ensure that your little koko sleeps at the right temperature (warm little feet all night long) and in complete safety.

        Early childhood professionals recommend the use of a sleeping bag at least until a child is 2 years old to avoid any risk of suffocation and sudden infant death. And for the same reasons, they advise against the use of blankets, pillows and bumper pads.

        Of course you can use your sleeping bag for longer. Because of course all these little kokos tend to uncover or sleep on top of the duvet. As long as your little koko wears nappies at night and doesn't need to get up in the middle of the night, we advise you to use a sleeping bag so that he sleeps well and warm. But every koko is different. If your koko is stubborn and has decided that he doesn't want his sleeping bag anymore because he doesn't feel free to move around, for example, it will be difficult to impose it on him...

        Why is it important for the sleeping bag to fit? 

        In order to sleep safely, the little koko must not slip out of the sleeping bag. The dimensions of the sleeping bag are very strict, especially in the neck area. The sleeping bag must keep him at shoulder level and the head must always be free.

        At the Lab, we strictly follow European standards and have had our sleeping bags validated by several laboratories.

        That's why our 6-36 month evolutionary model can be adjusted in 3 places:

        en longueur
        • aux emmanchures
        • aux bretelles pour réduire l’encolure

        What sizes are available on the market?

        We make it easy! We offer 2 different sizes of sleeping bags
        • A 0-6 months model which is 65cm
        • An upgradeable model from 6 to 36 months which is 110cm long
        For others, it is sometimes more complex. You can find many different sizes on the market (0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 12-24 months, 24-36 months...). Sleeping bags that are often only used for a short time (very short!). And sizes that are not especially recommended by the European standard. They are sometimes sleeping bags with lots of options (some of them useless). And you can quickly get lost and not know what to choose.

        What size to choose for your little kokos?

        We give you indicative information. It is obviously the size and stature of your little koko that will guide your choice!

        Tableau récapitulatif basé sur la norme Fpr EN 16781

        Age of the little koko

        Stature of the little koko

        Kokùn Lab sleeping bag size

        Kokùn Lab settings


        < 50 cm

        No proposal yet for premature babies

        0 to 6 months

        50 to 65 cm

        Baby sleeping bag 0-6 months

        Inner arm option

        3 to 20 months

        65 to 80 cm

        Baby sleeping bag 6-36 months

        Snaps set to minimum ::

        • Length
        • Shoulders strap (neckline)
        • Armholes

        More than 12 months

        > 80 cm

        Baby sleeping bag 6-36 months

        Adjustment of the straps to the maximum (neckline). No need to use the other snaps

        Premature size

        It is true that if your baby is born very early, it would be better to choose a product specifically for premature babies. In this case, your baby would be in an incubator for a while and the maternity hospital would lend you some material. This would give you time to find a suitable sleeping bag.

        Birth size (0-6 months)

        This is the size you need for the birth of your little koko. A size adapted to your baby. Whatever the bedding solution you choose for his first months, a sleeping bag in the size of a newborn will fit well in a cot, bassinet, carrycot, etc.

        Beyond the size, the thickness of the sleeping bag is essential, especially at the beginning of life when infants have difficulty managing their body temperature. The advantage of the Kokùn Lab sleeping bag is to remove the removable linings and therefore to adapt its thickness (its heat index or TOG). For example, a summer baby will need a thick sleeping bag for the first few days anyway. And perhaps you will remove the liners as soon as you get home.

        Another advantage of the Kokùn Lab sleeping bag is that you can keep your baby's arms inside the sleeping bag if he needs to be reassured and avoid the Moro reflex. More info on the newborn sleeping bag.

        Upgradeable size (6-36 mois)

        When on the market, you find various sizes from 6 months, at Kokùn Lab, we opted for an upgradeable model that adapts to the evolution of your little koko.

        The 6-36 months model is suitable for children from 65cm to about 3 years old.

        You just have to adjust the snap system according to the morphology of your little koko (see table above).

        Just like the baby sleeping bag, this sleeping bag can be switched from winter to summer mode by removing the removable liners. One sleeping bag is therefore sufficient for the whole year. Read more about the upgradeable baby sleeping bag.

        If you would like more information on the heat indexes of our sleeping bags, consult our article  "sleeping bag tog ". It will tell you how to dress your little koko according to the temperature of the room and its Kokùn Lab sleeping bag.