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        emballages eco-responsable Kokùn lab

        At the Lab we also pay particular attention to the packaging that covers our products, a commitment that we feel is a minimum as an ethical brand.

        It must also be sustainable, of good quality to protect your order, and survive the delivery journey.

        We have researched and tested packaging for several months to find the ones that seemed closest to our values.

        Enveloppe kraft kokùn lab

        Our shipping envelopes :

        When you claim to be an ethical brand, you have to be consistent and demanding.
        It's not easy to find the perfect packaging, especially from an ecological point of view.

        It is difficult to find something that emits 0% CO2... We opted for the medium that limits our carbon footprint: FCS-certified kraft paper.

        We have chosen our kraft paper envelopes from the e-green range at BONG. These envelopes are strong and 100% recyclable. They are made in Germany.

        They are easy to open with a tear strip and also re-sealable with a double strip to allow you to return the item in the same packaging.

        This also allows you to reuse the envelope for another purpose.

        Our envelopes are printed by hand with our own little hands! We have chosen to personalise our envelopes with our logo.

        In order not to alter our carbon footprint with mechanical printing we decided to create our own wooden stamp. We had it developed at Atelier Tampons Paris, they make custom stamps in France.

        Polybag recyclé Kokùn Lab

        Packaging of the articles :

        We minimize the packaging on our products. The packaging of the articles is as simple as possible: no tissue paper, no stickers, no ribbons.

        Our sheets and swaddles are packaged in an FCS-certified Kraft sleeves.

        The sleeves for our swaddles made in France are printed by a printing company in France and have the Imprim'vert label. The paper is guaranteed FSC in virgin fibre.

        This means that it is not chemically treated.

        For our sleeping bags, we preferred the recycled plastic polybag. It's not the most sustainable way, but we haven't found a better way to protect our product during transport.

        Our polybags are however D2W certified.

        D2W is an additive that makes the plastic bio-assimilable in the environment in the same way as a simple sheet. Our polybags are recyclable, reusable and degradable: they disappear completely within a short period of time without leaving methane, fragments or other harmful residues.

        As an ethical brand we are always looking for ways to improve our processes and if you have any ideas for improving our packaging we would love to hear from you!

        You can send us your ideas to !