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        Birth gift ideas

        You've had a birth in your circle and you're out of ideas for a birth gift?

        It's not easy to find a birth gift that is useful, original and that will really please! Here are our best birth gift ideas, classified by price. 👇

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        Concerning your birth gift, there are 2 strategies according to us.

        The wise strategy : you opt for a classic, risk-free gift. It is therefore a childcare article that can be had in several copies. It's a gift that will please and be useful! Because yes, the aim is that your product is useful and does not remain at the bottom of the drawer. It is a safe and wise choice.

        At Kokùn Lab, the best example of a "wise" birth gift is the swaddle. It is a multifunctional article, very practical and you need several of them! 

        Original strategy : you opt for a birth gift that stands out from the crowd. This is a gift that will not be given by Mr or Mrs. Everyone. You choose to discover a product, a brand.

        At Kokùn Lab, we classify our 4-season sleeping bags in this category. Why do we do this? Because we have registered the model and you will not find them anywhere else.

        So have you chosen your side? Whether you follow one or the other strategy, there are plenty of birth gift ideas!

        And if you can't decide, you can always offer a gift card to introduce your friend to a trendy and original brand such as Kokùn Lab.

        In practice, you can also give a birth gift to the young mother. This is a gesture that will be much appreciated, according to two young mothers! And/or you can give a gift to the older sister or brother. This will also be a gift that will be very much appreciated by the person concerned...

        Also check out our blog post entitled « birth gift ». It will give you lots of ideas for birth gifts, both classic and original.