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        Upgradeable sleeping bag

        gigoteuse évolutive


        The sleeping bag that reduces your budget and your little koko's wardrobe!

        Why? Because the Kokùn Lab upgradeable sleeping bag (6 to 36 months) replaces the purchase of 4 sleeping bags!

        What is special about it?

        • You gain 2 sizes thanks to the ingenious snap system
        • It can be used in both summer and winter thanks to its removable linings

        4 seasons 🌦️

        This sleeping bag has removable liners. Not only does it look as good on the inside as it does on the outside, but you can manage the heat of the sleeping bag:

        • If it's hot, you can remove the removable liners to get a TOG of 0.5
        • When it is cold, you can put the removable liners back in and get a TOG of 2.5

        Depending on the temperature of the room, you can play with the thickness of the sleeping bag and your baby's sleepwear.

        For more information, please see our article on sleeping bag TOG and our article « how to dress baby at night ».

        Upgradeable from 6 to 36 months 📈

        The sleeping bag grows with your baby, from 6 to 36 months. Thanks to the snap system, you can :

        • Adjust the size of the neckline (2 rows of snaps on the straps)
        • Reduce the width of the armholes
        • Reduce the length of the sleeping bag

        Sustainable 🌍

        The upgradeable sleeping bag is Oeko-Tex® certified and is woven, dyed and manufactured with respect in Portugal, near Porto.

        We have selected ecological materials: washed cotton percale from organic farming and GRS certified recycled polyester for the padding.

        As for the zip, we chose a solid one: a YKK branded zip. This baby sleeping bag will last over time...

        According to a study conducted by 3 engineers from the University of Technology in Sydney, we would have to reduce our clothing purchases by 75% to have a real impact on the environment (source: The Guardian, 2022). In practice, this means that instead of buying 4 items of clothing, we should only buy one. This is possible with this Kokùn Lab sleeping bag...

        For more information, see our page on our commitments and on our material and labels.